Best COC TH9 Base Design Layouts

Best th9 base design

How it feels? When you are consistently getting wrecked by opponents in town hall 9 war and multi-player battles. That’s why we have created this guide to overcome the problem of saving your stars in wars and as well as saving your loot in multi-player battles. The intensity of problem becomes even more when you have weaker coc th9 base designs in your village. So without any delay let’s gets started with the top three best th9 base designs.

Best TH9 Base Layout 2018

Best th9 base design
Best th9 base design

The first coc th9 base is a unique compartmentalized base having main defense along with dark elixir storage in the center of the village map. So if the opponent attacks from any side of the base, then there is a high chance that the troops will do a merry go round around the best th9 base.

As you can already see most of the defensive units like archer towers, cannons and wizards along with air defense units are located openly between the walls and are easily accessible, it’s because of that, the defense concentrating units like giants, ice wizards and hogs wont focus on the central core compartment which leaves main defending units x-bows right in the center. So overall this is a great th9 base design which is uniquely constructed to make the troops go around the coc th9 base and protect the loot as well as important defense units like tesla’s and x-bows right in the center.

Clash of Clans TH9 Base Design

th9 farming base 5

Second layout in the list is a best th9 base design that is mainly used to protect the dark elixir storage unit right in the center of the village. If we look at the positives of this base, you can see the arrangement of defensive units are well planned and also they will be defending the opponent’s troops very well. The two x-bow defensive units in the center which is guarding the dark elixir storage is protecting the entire layout from all the sides and one more best thing about this coc th9 base design is placement of hero’s in the central core compartment.

So what makes this unique is they can jump the walls to one outer compartment and killing the troops whereas when the opponent troops try to come to the compartment where the archer queen and barbarian king are located then opponents troops come under various defensive units which makes harder for the opponent and that results in a failure attack.

COC TH9 Base Layout

coc th9 base layout
coc th9 base layout

The third layout in the list of best coc th9 base designs has air defense surrounding the entire base. So this is great sign that they are good at defending the air troops, as you guys know already that air attacks are prominent at town hall 9. One better thing about the best th9 base design is the placement of tesla’s surrounding the elixir storage. Tesla’s are great units even though having less hit points compared to other defensive units, damage per second is incredible and adding to that they are great at defending pekka units.

Did you know the fact ?

That recently supercell has added the pekka level 4 upgradation at town hall 9. Well if you have not known that, then it really helps in war for attackers who mainly depend on pekka and golem strategies.


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